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Iphone4 calling and texting problem!!!

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

My iphone4 had been unable to dial/ receive phone calls + texts from yesterday 1pm till this morning 8:45am.

( battery is full, reception bars all full, wifi working no problem, restarted my phone and still not working, NO outstanding account balance )


This has been going on for some time now ( Almost a month ). I had posted on this msg board regarding to this problem before and the reply from fido staff was not helpful at all.


The problem still exist! This is ridiculous! 

I went to a fido retail store to talk to the staff last week, she told me this had happened to her and her coworkers before. 

She said apparently this is a known problem and it's due some system upgrading work that fido is doing these days!

I asked when will this be fixed and she said she doesn't know.


So, please tell me Fido, What is the reason and when will this get fix?



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I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1


I am still waiting for a reply please!!!
So you choose not to answer my question?

Is this the customer service I would get in this so-called " FIDO Technical community"???

FYI, right now my phone is having no service again.

why am I paying every month for a service that doesn't even exist?

hi there gll3,


I'm sorry for the delay in replying to your post,


There are many reasons why you wouldn't be able to make calls or send texts.


I could make a series of suggestions, however according to your description of the issue, it sounds to me like there might be an issue with your profile.


Since I cannot access your Fido account via this Forum, I invite you top give us a call.


You can reach us at 1888 481-3436 from a different phone (do not call from your iphone)


keep us posted