Iphone XS Max backorder

Iphone XS Max backorder

Iphone XS Max backorder

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Iphone XS Max backorder

I placed an order (add a line) of Iphone XS Max last weekend and immediately i received a confirmation email which says i should receive it within 2 business days. On Tuesday when i didnt even receive shipping email i contacted Fido and was told the order is being processed and probably will be shipped next day. Today when i contacted Fido i was told it is backordered and there is unknown delay. 


Anyone please shed some light on the waiting time? Is it possible say 1 month later you receive an email saying they cannt fulfill the order at all?



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I've been waiting since June 2...still no update on mine

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Hey @Cj16, we have replied to your other post Smiley 

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I'm sad to see you had this kind of experience with your phone order. A phone that is backordered can take up to 2 to 3 weeks to being delivered. However, I assure you we're working as fast as possible to get all our orders fulfilled for our customers. Smiley 


There's also the option of going with a different model if you'd like to speed up the delivery.