Iphone 12 pro order

Iphone 12 pro order

Iphone 12 pro order

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Iphone 12 pro order

Hi. I upgraded my phone online on Monday nov 23. When I ordered it online it said it was 1-2 weeks shipping. When I called and spoke with rep he said that it will take 3-4 weeks. I just want to know how long it will take for my phone to arrive since I already paid for the down payment. Is it possible to cancel the upgradeand get a refund back and get my upgrade done with best buy if they have it in stock.

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Hi @salfonso-deleon did you received your phone?

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It seems that everything is very slow currently. I ordered an iphone 11 pro, also on Monday 23rd, and apart from the inital email saying my order had bee nrecieved, I have heard nothing since, despite that emil saying I shoudl recieve it in 5 days, and get an email before that confirming shipping. As the iphone 11 pro is no longer listed in stock I am now concerned as to whether I'll actually get the phone, but there doesn't seem to be anyway to check. 

Hey @whitehawk,


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We're sad to learn about the additional delays you're experiencing with your recent order. We can review your order to find out what's going on!


You can get in touch with our customer care team or we can send you a PM here if you'd like. 

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Thanks. I did message with someone and they did confirm my order. Then yesterday I got an email apologising for the delay but confirming it was coming. So that was good!



You'll receive another e-mail once the phone has been shipped out. 

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Even I ordered my 12 pro max on Nov 22 and they said it iwll be delivered in 2-3 weeks but its been one week and the position has gone down only fro 113 to 107. I am really worried if I will get my phone on time- doesn't look like with the speed of deliveries in the queue. But I wonder if you can get it at Best Buy- do they have it in stock, did you check?

Hey @salfonso-deleon and @Dhairya1989! Philippe here.


Most of our iPhone 12 model are on backorder due to high demand. We're currently waiting for more stock to arrive to fulfill orders as promptly as we can. That said, we'll be happy to look into your options, if you wish. You can contact us here for that or request a PM from the community.


Thank you both very much for your patience!