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Galaxy Nexus DOA. Phone restarting with inbound and outbound calls

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

I have gone to the kiosk and phoned technical support a few times with no solution and am not impressed that my DOA phone is still in my posession 3 weeks later.


Often when I start a call the screen goes black (not the stanby black) the I froze up and won't even let the caller hang up kind of black. Can't even shut off the phone when this happens or end a call.


More annoying yet is that 99% of my inbound calls freeze the phone as soon as I slide to the green pickup icon. It freezes for 5-15 seconds and does not connect the call but rather shuts down and restarts. EXTREMELY frustrating. I thought I was making a good move to Android and Fido but neither have provided ANY support on the issue or the phone.


I also have periods of 3-8 hours where I cannot send or receive any texts, calls, messages, emails or cannot get any kind of singal onto the phone and it is not a service area issue. And NO airplane mode is not on.


The phone and the service here are the worst I have yet to receive in the marketplace.



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I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Oh and on a side note, nobody anywhere seems to have heard of this issue. My butt. I have found tonnes of people online that have had the same problem. With a $600 phone I am sorry I switched from Blackberry. It may have been slower, but definitely reliable.


Here is just one of the many lists of people with the issue and no solution...

Hey lovelylaurie!

Have you been able to get this matter resolved? Have you sent the phone in for repair?

Please let us know!