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Galaxy nexus MMS

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I got a galaxy nexus from telus, knowning they're all unlocked. I have trouble getting mms working with fido, and I'm using the mms listed on the topic above but nothing seems to work. The download of the mms message stays as downloading even with wifi on. Is there any solution to this?  Cheers!


EDIT: after further tinkering (enabling data, roam and other apn stuff), it seems to work now. What I haven't done was to enable data and also roam to get it working. My question is, assuming I never leave the coverage area and don't have data plan, could i incur any data charges? 



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Hi there asda1,


Without a data option (MMS will still work), access to data is restriced while on our network. This means you cannot be billed for data usage while in Canada.