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FM Radio on your phone?

I'm experienced level 1
I'm experienced level 1

Sorry but I am confused.

I have a SONY Xperia phone.

It has an FM Radio tuner built in. Like a walkman for those of a certain age who know what a Walkman was.

You have to plug in headphones, The headphones are the bipole antenna,

And it gets all my local (within 100km) FM radio stations.

And doesn't need an app or data.

It's like free music.

And the Canadian wireless carriers no longer offer SONY devices to their customers.

Funny that.






Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello thePoodleFarmer,


  What are you confused about?


  Some other manufacturers also have the FM radio enabled on their devices (ie some Huawei, LG, and Samsung phones; see here). However, they often do require an app like NextRadio but do not use data. Like your phone, they also require headphones to operate properly.


Hope this helps ๐Ÿ˜€




I'm experienced level 1
I'm experienced level 1

Stupid question, and maybe self-answering.


So if you buy a phone that advertises it doesn't have a headphone jack and only uses super-cool  ๐Ÿ˜ŽBluetooth earbuds it won't have the hardware for FM Radio because you can't use bluetooth earbuds as an antenna..

I suppose. If the majority of the people don't want wires, then get rid of the wires. Unintended consequences.

No headphone jack, no fm radio receiver. Saves the space for other stuff, like an extra camera lens.

Makes sense.

Maybe. I remember back in the day when the Apple ad on TV deliberately emphasized the headphone wires in white. Even better than the real thing. U2. Used 2 B cool. iPod anyone?






I'm experienced level 1
I'm experienced level 1

I am confused about lots of things.

I didn't consider the FM Radio as an App I suppose. But when I go into Settings Apps All there it is on the list.

SONY just calls it FM radio, and it doesn't have many permissions - control FM receiver which is hardware, record audio which I didn't know but would be cool to use. And it pairs with Bluetooth drivers and I don't know why because when you plug in the headphones it won't throw the sound via Bluetooth to a remote speaker. So the Bluetooth must be for something else.


hmmmmm. ๐Ÿค”

"Confusion's just another word for

something left to learn." - Me and Bobby McKee