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Existing Fido Plan 8 Years

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I am a long time user of Fido Plans since I first activated the bring your own phone plan for 4GB and $30 in 2012. After my plan kept increasing in price until $50 now, while still sitting at only 4GB, it seems kind of ridiculous that when I asked about switching to the bring your own phone plan that was offered a couple weeks ago for 9GB and $50 it was only offered to new customers or only with a hardware upgrade. Meanwhile other competitors are offering 18GBs for $50. 




Hey @purexking Smiley 


Thank you for your loyalty and for your feedback! It's truly appreciated.


Offers and promos change very often, and the specific plan you've mentioned was indeed only available for new activations or phone upgrades.


That said, we do have a variety of plans that may suit your needs better, and we always try to remain competitive within the Canadian market!


Once you're logged into your online account, you should be able to see all the plans you're eligible to. Very_Happy

If you'd like, we can also go over your options together. Just reach out to us here to get started!