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Brightstar is a Scam

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1
  • In the end of 2019 I bought an iPhone XS Max. I got the network and premium device protection plan with fido.
  • In January 2020 I lost my phone and I claimed for the lost device.
  • My claim was approved and I got a replacement device. The replacement device was “NOT A NEW DEVICE” it was a refurbished phone but it had 1 one year warranty on it.
  • After using it for about 6-7 months the phone started giving me a small problem that was “THE PHONE’S TEMPERATURE GETTING HIGH” for just a few times.
  • I immediately reported this problem to the Brightstar and they said they will fix the phone for free because its under warranty. When they received the phone they said that there are additional damages in the phone’s battery and housing. But the main thing is that I never opened the phone from inside and it was not having a single scratch on it from outside. Moreover, it was a refurbished device.
  • After this they told me that I have to pay 190 for fixing the phone. And I SAID NO!!!
  • And asked them to send the phone back to me as it was...
  • When I received my phone back it was already repaired and now in the phone settings, it says, “Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple Battery”!!!

This is totally unfair and unprofessional...


Sukhleen Singh


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @sukhleensingh


With Device Protection, if a device is broken or lost and a replacement is needed then Brightstar will provide a replacement to you. Based on their terms, this replacement can be the same or similar device (depending on availability) and it can be new or reconditioned. All of this information can be found on their site and within their terms, check out this link for more information.


In terms of their replacement devices they always offer a 12-month warranty and if anything is wrong, they'll again repair or replace the device. There is also a 12-month warranty on parts and workmanship so if anything goes wrong you can contact them again.


That said, their terms and conditions are solely their own and if there's anything you want to investigate further, we suggest contacting them directly to discuss things further. Their support number is 1-866-327-3399.


I do hope that clears things up a little! Keep on mind that a repair or replacement through Brightstar using your Device Protection does generally cost much less than buying out your phone, purchasing a new one, or doing an out-of-warranty repair.