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Does Fido sell pre-owned phones?

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

I am wondering if Fido sells any pre-owned phones at all.




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Hey @csis,


@KAPABLE-K's correct, we currently do not sell pre-owned phones. We do however offer an awesome variety of new phones that you can check out right here Smiley

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2
If Fido does not sell pre owned phones, then someone from Fido explain to me, that when I turned on my LG G4 (2017) that certain apps I am locked out of. Certain permissions, I can not change. Totally locked out of trying to uninstall certain apps. In storage, I delete folds and they reappear. Cannot write any task, red line gets drawn through the task. The phone only works in Calgary area. 80 km away, phone says no service or emergency only. I am in the device area, because when I first got phone home it worked. Now it is a hit and miss. I went to Fido because my old provider would not work in my area. Or was I just B.S.ed into buying phone and plan. Also on my account, it said that phone is not a Fido phone. Store clerk said phone has no warranty. It was bought new from Fido store! Oh, my account will not show me usage for text or calls. But the biggest thing that ticks me off is, that 611 will not work with no device or on emergency only. And no one works in service 24 hours! Had to drive into Calgary to get service to get service rebooted. And I think that they are tethered to phone some how. When I turn phone on, settings move back to my settings. Do I even have a Fido account or am I the sucker paying for a hacker piggybacking on my plan for free.

Hey there @Rustytruck


Thanks for filling us in on those details. To be honest: that sounds really odd! I understand your concerns & I'd love to look into this further with you. I'll send you a PM so we can continue together. 


Hello @csis,


From what I know, Fido do not sell pre-owned phones.