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I'm a contributor level 2
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I would like to know if I have an iPhone 4S that is locked to Fido years ago but is no longer being used, how would the CRTC ruling that comes into effect this Dec about no more unlocking fee on smart phones apply to my old iPhone?  Do I simply take ...
I am wondering if Fido sells any pre-owned phones at all.       ***Edited to add labels***  
I would like to know if I receive a text msg when I am overseas and I do not have a roaming package, will I get charged?   Thanks   ***Edited to add labels***
I am using a Nexus 6 and I would like to know why the signal bar (upper right hand corner) of the phone does not show LTE at all.  It does show the letter H next to it.  Does it mean I don't get LTE at all on my phone?   Thanks     ***Edited to add l...
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