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Brightstar or Likewize messed my account totally

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I reported my lost device to Brightstar before and they sent me another one after around a week and a half, now I lost my phone again but I figured out, Brightstar didn't change my new phone IMEI on the system. As per the new phone doesn't exist and the old one cannot be changed as I was not using it. So ultimately I was paying device protection money for nothing and I strongly suggest everyone not get protection from Fido.


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello JainamSanghavi,


  Sorry to hear you've lost your phone again. However, you should note that BrightStar (know Likewise) has nothing to do with registering IMEIs on the system. The phone's IMEI is logged on to the system when it is used with your Fido SIM card. Since you had lost your previous phone, you would have had to obtain a new SIM card and contact customer service to update that information on your account. Once your new phone was used with your new SIM card, its IMEI would be registered on your account as the protected device.


  Unfortunately, if you had lost your new phone without previously using it with your Fido SIM, it would not have been registered on the system.


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Well Thank you Cawtau, I appreciate your reply. Btw when I lost my phone I went to the Fido store to get a new Sim card. If you want I can share the receipt as well, and I inserted that new sim in my old temporary phone. When I got the replacement, I was using the replacement device with the same sim, and if I'd appreciate it if you check the system first before replying. Btw one more thing as you replied, I had to make at least 10 calls to Fido and Brightstar to change the IMEI on the system which was not my mistake at all. 


And yes Brightstar says that 'Replacement Next Day' is just a slogan so it looks good to the customer, they never follow their slogan. They always have to beg some of the customer's time. They are asking me for 2 business days just to check the claim form matches my name on the Fido bill.

Sorry I copied the same reply from below, to reply to your comment. So, you can get a notification that I replioed.

Hello again,


@JainamSanghavi wrote:... if I'd appreciate it if you check the system first before replying. ..

  Firstly, I don't actually work for Fido so I wouldn't have access to their systems to check your account information. In addition, this is the community forum. No one here would have access to your account information without verification of your identity. Even the moderators wouldn't readily have access to your account information. If they did wish to access your account, they would need to verify your identity via private message (PM). 


  If you had used your new SIM card in a temporary phone, before your replacement phone, both IMEIs would have been logged on to the system. There would have been three IMEIs on the system in a relatively short period of time. I understand your situation, however, claiming another device within that time period is not typically normal behaviour. If you are attempting to claim another device, they would need to verify that some type of fraud isn't taking place. For example, if someone stole your phone (rather than you losing your phone) and they somehow had access to your account, they could make these claims without your knowledge. That could be a possible reason why they want to verify your identity.