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Black Friday order got cancelled

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I was waiting the ready for pickup email but received a cancellation email instead.


I placed an order to upgrade my phone and plan during the black Friday sales and choose to pick up in store.


I did receive the confirmation email and the instructions specifically mentioned "Please wait for the ‘Ready For Pickup' email we'll be sending you before visiting a store." So I waited, waited and waited. Checking my email daily for the ready for pickup email.


Then I received an email saying my pickup window has expired and the order has been cancelled. I don't understand. How could my pickup window expired when I followed exactly the instructions and fido failed to send me the ready for pickup email?


I went to the Fido store. They contacted some customer service on the phone and after waiting almost an hour, I was told that there's nothing they could do. The order has been cancelled and the deal was expired.


Anyone experienced the same problem? It almost feels like fido just don't want to honor the deal.





Hey there @Sunandmoon


Sorry to hear that you. You should be receiving a notification that your order is ready to be picked up before we cancel the order.


We'll be happy to review the situation with you. To do so, please reach out to us on these channels to get started Smiley