Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6

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Apple Watch Series 6

Will this be supported?

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Re: Apple Watch Series 6

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Hello Arnoldmp,


  Welcome to the community!


  Fido does not currently offer any smartphone or Apple watch plans. If they later choose to offer those plans in the future, that update would be available on


Hope this helps 😀




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Just bought my daughter a preloved Apple watch 5 that included a cellular option. Come to find out that's a useless feature for us slovernly Fido customers. Only the well heeled Bell/Rogers/Telus clan can take advantage of cellular service with the Apple watch. Now how ridiculous does that sound?

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What's a flanker ? A low cost operator for specific marker segment with limited purchase power ?


if that is how you characterize Fido then you're wrong. But please confirm and I'll explain

Hello again,



~taken from here.


  The flanker brands don't get premium options like 5G, data sharing, or bundling, but their plans are often the best balance of price and features (taken from here). Carrying specialty items like smartwatch or Apple Watches and their associated plans would be considered a premium option as well.


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Thanks for the answer but you are wrong, and your assumptions are odd.


First: Fido being a flanker brand is wrong


The main difference between big 3 and what you refer to as Flanker is the multi-service bundling offer. Which by the way every household ends up subscribing to ( whether roommates or family members). What is very specific to Fido though is that it owns its own infratrautucre, network servers, provisioning chain.... and Fido was among the first ones in Canada to introduce GSM service. They also own their own LTE network all across Canada.


while virgin mobile or Koodo that are mainly commercial brands and operates on non owned infrastructure, Fido is a complete and independent telco and regulated as so by the CRTC. 

One last point: Koodo or Virgin do target low cost consumer segment: low tech phones, BYOD, prepaid offerings and non contractual ones.


not Fido. So please correct that. 


Is Apple Watch a premium option ? Why ? Who decided so ? 

is 5G premium ? Why ? Why LTE isn't premium and 5G would be ?

fido should explain why it won't support it. And put on the table valid reasons... customers are not dumb !

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Fido doesn't own anything anymore.


They are owned by Rogers and are the poorer server because of it.

Hello again,


  I agree that Fido remains a separate entity, even though they are owned by Rogers. However, they were re-positioned as a mid-range brand when acquired by Rogers. Virgin Mobile and Koodo Mobile were introduced to compete within that mid-range segment (see here).


  Are you sure Fido owned their own LTE networks? As far as I am aware, they only operated GSM (1900MHz) network. It wasn't until after their acquisition by Rogers that they offered LTE services (see here). I'm pretty sure Rogers owns the rights to their LTE spectrum, not Fido (see here).


@amineati wrote:...Thanks for the answer but you are wrong, and your assumptions are odd...

  They are not MY assumptions. I did not create that graphic. That's how the cellular market is arranged in Canada. There are many other sources outlining this same flanker structure.


  You are entitled to your opinion, though.




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Thanks for agreeing that Fido is a different entity, not a flanker in a sense of a commercial brand operating on other's networks.


the links you shows are still comforting the premise that Fido owns its network. License wise, being now an entity of Rogers, in the links you showed there is an asterisk beside Rogers to indicate that affiliates are also counted part of the share part of LTE frequencies.


the graphic is just one of many, and everyone can come up with their graphics ( what's move2canada anyway ). 


sorry no offense meant when I stated that assumptions are wrong.


it is important to remember what is Fido compared to others and why they should spoke loudly about their roadmap and vision of the future. 

i buy premium devices from Fido, I pay the price Fido sets, Apple Watch (or any other eSIM empowered device) is not a premium one anymore.


the wearable market is unavoidably growing, 25.6% penetration rate by next year, average 19% CAGR for the next 5 years. Not to speak for IoT, IoV, industry 4.0....


as end user, my bill does not decrease but my needs do. Where is Fido in this ? There are threads about Apple Watch support since version 2. That is 5 years now and Fido decides not to support but no reason outlined.


I am gone by the end of this year. More importantly I am not returning to Fido anytime soon. I spent 9 years with Videotron, but I left them the moment I lost trust. 

that is 5 mobile lines that got disconnected, moved to Fido under a promise, and again moved away to some more reliable service provider.


but most importantly the cost of winning me back, with these 5 lines, or more, is going to be high Smiley yes I value myself and it's not Fido who would do it for me.


the exit barrier is no longer there, thanks to CRTC regulation. So it's up to Fido to be transparent with customers.



Hello again,


  As mentioned previously, you are entitled to your opinion...


  If Fido no longer suits your needs, you might need to consider one of the parent companies.



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You are right. Everyone is entitled ERP his opinion, so you are.


but we're talking facts here, for the benefit of end users and the community.


and when many ask Fido the question about what is the plan to support a service/product, they deserve respectful answers as:

- we don't know but we certainly take the question to the product team.

- in 5 years, because ...

- never, because ....


or any other format that is more insightful then "when we know we'll let you know on the website". 

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This thread should not be marked as solved. It is not !

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Agreed.  not solved at all.  Just ignored by Fido.

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Any update on this situation? Crazy that Fido doesn't support Apple Watch. Guess I'll be switching.

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I'll switch too. Astonishing that Fido isn't offering this yet. That is proving that their offers are just technologically outdated. 

Hello @loojoy,


We don't offer Apple Watch support at this time.


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Yes that is why I will be taking my 2 lines elswhere.

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Any update on when (or whether) Fido plans on supporting Apple Watch? I've been a customer for many years and would like to remain one, but I also want to use my watch. 

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Hi Kristens1!

I'm sorry, but Fido right now doesn't support Apple Watch.

I think in future Fido will support it. Smiley

Have a nice day! Smiley If you have more questions i'm here to help you Smiley

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We have nothing to announce right now @Kristens1. If things change, we'll announce it on our website!

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Like I needed another reason to hate Fido!

Hey @Gooddaver,


That's not what we want to hear. Rest assured we're always looking for ways to improve our service and offers and we appreciate the feedback. We suggest keeping an eye out on our website at for any news and updates. 😃