Apple Watch 5 cellular

Apple Watch 5 cellular

Apple Watch 5 cellular

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Apple Watch 5 cellular

Ok Fido... it’s time to add Apple Watch Cellular service! I realize that you are considered a discount brand by your parent company Rogers, but that’s just not the case. I’ve been a customer since the early 1990’s and supported the brand faithfully with multiple lines. I pay market value (sometimes more) for my plans and now want the same options as other carriers. There is only upside to Fido in the form of a service charge or sim add on.  Please make this change or lose me as a customer... 

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Hello Dvan,


  Welcome to the community and Happy New Year!


@Dvan wrote:... now want the same options as other carriers. ...

  To which other carriers do you refer? As far as I am aware, none of the other flanker brands carry smartwatches or their plans.


@Dvan wrote:..There is only upside to Fido in the form of a service charge or sim add on...

  How about downside for their other customers? I responded to a simlar query here. In that thread I note that adding additional devices to their line-up would more than likely result in a general price increase for everyone -- even those with no interest in the Apple Watch (or other smartwatches). There's a reason there tends to be the price differential between the flanker brands and their parent counterparts. They offer different services and options. Following my analogy here, No Frills chooses to limit their selection of products so they may keep prices lower for their customers. Those who wish that Black Label Olive Oil might have to consider shopping at Loblaws.


  I'm not saying they won't introduce the watch or associated services in the future. However, they need to consider their whole customer base. Some loyal customers may wish the those services. Do the desires of those customers outweigh that of the rest of their base?


  Any updates regarding support for the Apple Watch or smartwatches would be posted on


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I really wish Fido would add the Apple Watch Cellular Plans they have had enough people ask and they already have e-sim technology!  

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Same here, I have been with Fido for years, now, I want to utilize the new technology and connect with my apple watch, but there is no service supported, disappointing, I am consdiering t leave now.