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Annual price increase for "improved" services

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

In the last two years Fido has implemented an increase of $2 in 2023 and now $3 in 2024 for "improved" services. Exactly what are these improved services that require an across the board increase, nobody really knows. Have I experienced any improvement in Fido's services? Generally no. What I'm witnessing is an underhanded strategy to increase price plan at a time when everyone is suffering from inflation.

What is absurd to me as a customer is responses like these:

"no offers/promotions are forever and can change and end at any time those exclusive offers typically do not state a start or end date as they can end at any time." Does Fido pride itself with excellent customer service when such statements are made that indicate a lack of transparency and poor communication? Why aren't there clear indications of how long these promotions last so customers knowingly sign up for what they can afford, instead of having the rug pulled right from under them at any time. We are emailed full documents of what the plan includes, and how we will be billed, giving the impression that we know what we signed up for, but why bother if these plans are subject to change at any time? What is this nonesense? Are we expected as customers to passively accept these kinds of corporate bullying behaviours?

Even responses that price increases are to be expected and even allowed as long as notification appears in small print at the bottom of a billing cycle without any indications of why these increases and for what services they are being applied. I would love to see specific itemized changes that  indicate how these increases are improving services for me and others who have signed up to be Fido customers. For all I know, Fido is only trying to increase its profit margins, and as a customer, that is of zero interest to me. I signed up to be a Fido customer because it claimed to be the more affordable option. But if it continues to apply these increases, I don't see how it is any different than other telecommunication companies gouging its customers.



Hey! I understand where you're coming from, @me79

While we make every effort to minimize the impact these change may have on our customers, price adjustment are occasionally necessary as part of routine business operations. These modifications enable us to make the improvements required to satisfy growing consumer demand and provide top-notch connection.

If such changes are required, we will always notify you via bill message at least 30 days in advance as outlined in our Terms of Service. This policy is very similar with other postpaid carriers. 


We're always happy to go over your options if you reach out to customer service.