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6 years loyal dissaponted customer

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Have been with fido since 2014 when we moved to Canada. Always having same plans just deferent devices with my wife (she was always getting better phone than me!). Last friday, after days of search I decided to upgrade my phone. After a conversation with an agent I got a good deal for Samsung Note 10+ with $0 upfront ( $0 upfront was my initial thought cause I couldn't affort paying something extra) and the $50 5gb promotion plan. Here is where the problem comes. 2 days ago the phone came at home and when my wife saw the phone, she told me that she wants the same! For 2 days she is trying to talk with agents( I think 5 in total untill now) and get the same offer with me. 5 agents. 5 different opinions. 5 different offers. None of them close to mine.An agent told her that the only way for him to see my offer, was only if I authorize her in my account.I did that after 5 minutes.Guess what! The next agent told her that there is no way to see the offer even if she is authorized to my account. I started thinking of canceling my plan and go to another carrier who can treat us better after 6 loyal years. Anyone know if I can cancel my plan?


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Hello Axxis911,


  Welcome to the community!


  I can understand how frustrating it might be to not be able to get the same loyalty plan for your wife. However, you should note that loyalty offers are not available for everyone. They are usually generated by the system and only available to a particular phone number. I believe the system takes many factors into consideration including, but not limited to, length of patronage, plans, and usage habits. I understand your wife and yourself likely have been customers for the same amount of time and even have the same plans. Since your usage habits will likely differ, your offers might also differ.


  I understand a customer service representative mentioned that your wife might be able to get the same offer if she had access to your account. As mentioned above, the offers are only available to a particular phone number, not account. Even different phone numbers on the same account do not get the same offers.


  You should also note that the loyalty offers (and promotions as well) can change quickly and without notice. If it was a promotion, and not a loyalty offer, it's possible that promotion has already ended.


  I also understand you feel like you've been treated poorly because they aren't able to offer the same deal for your wife. However, it's likely the different providers have similar measures for determining their loyalty offers. That said, if you wish to cancel your plan, Fido does offer a 15 day Satisfaction Guarantee, though there are stipulations. If you are not eligible for that guarantee, cancelling your contract would require you to pay-out the balance of your device.


Hope this helps 😀