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Data usage incorrect count

I'm a visitor
I'm a visitor



I am writing with extreme disappointment due to Fido's incorrect count of my data usage. I had suspected that my data usage was being counted incorrectly, but today I finally had an incident that confirmed this. I have a 6 Gb data plan, have wi-fi assist and automatic updates turned off on my phone. In addition to that, I am all day and night connected to wi-fi with my cellular data turned off, so my internet usage is limited to some evenings when I'm not home. Furthermore, I only allow a handfull of apps to use cellular data, mostly texting apps that I don't allow to download attachments, videos or photos unless I am connected to wi-fi.


The following are facts that I will use to describe why I am sure that there is something wrong with the way my data is being miscounted:


  1. At 8:24 pm today I got an SMS from Fido saying that I was reaching my data usage and gave me two options to buy additional data. I thought it was strange, since I had close to 1 GB yesterday before going to bed, had been at home the whole day and I had only left my place at 5:00 pm. From that moment, I had only used my data for text messages and to place an online food order. It seemed incredible to me that in a matter of 3.5 hours -most of which I wasn't even using my phone- I had used 1 GB of data. Nonetheless, I chose to buy 3 GB for the outrageous price of $40. 
  2. At 8:27 pm I received confirmation that 3 GB had been added to my billing cycle. At his point I turned off cellular data for ALL applications, except email, WhatsApp and Messages.
  3. At 8:38 pm I received another SMS from Fido saying that I had used 70% of my additional data. At this point, I had only received and sent six text messages and had not used any more apps. Just one minutte later, as I tried to call Fido, I received an allert saying that I had used ALL my additional data. I find it hard to believe that six text messages can use 3 GB of data in 11 minutes.

This is just the most recent example, but earlier this month I went to bed one night with nearly 5 GB of data just to find the next day that I had only close to 3.5 GB. How could my data go down 1.5 GB during the night, all this while connected to Wi-Fi, with cellular data off. I have been a loyal Fido customer for 5 years and I find this treatment abussive, to say the least. I would like to request the immediate refund of the $40 that I paid for the 3 GB of data that I didn't use, the immediate restitution of my FULL data load, and the assurance that this won't happen again.


Looking forward to your prompt reponse.




Hey @Daniel_Velez,


Welcome to the community! 


I'm sorry to learn about your latest experience with the data. 

That said, I can reassure all the usage generated does provide from the sim card directly. 


Also based on the timings mentioned, it's possible that the incorrect alerts where sent after having purchased the extra data.

By all means, the usage would always be updated on the Fido app.

Did you still have GB available in the app?


By all means, we suggest you get in touch with customer care so they can look into this with you and work towards a resolution!

Thanks for your response. I appreciate you following up. The next day I called customer service and a representative added 3 GB to my account. Interestingly, yesterday evening I went out and used the exact same apps that I had used the day of the incident above and my phone shows only a usage of 14.5 MB. The Fido app shows that I still have 2.99 GB. That seems more accurate. I would encourage Fido to review its data usage tracking systems. I can assure you that the error in the incident above did not originate from my phone. So far the responses that I have received do not assure me that this won't happen again, so I am considering leaving Fido.

Thank you,


Thank you for your feedback, Daniel.


We certainly wouldn't want to see you go. On our end, while we cannot see how the usage was made for privacy reasons, we validate it through the Fido sim in your phone. You are welcome to reach out to us through these channels if you have any questions and we'd be happy to review everything with you.


We also suggest following these tips and tricks that may benefit you. Smiley



I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi Daniel!

I think fido will take this situation in consideration next time Smiley

Have a nice day Smiley

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Hi Smiley 

Its could be an issue with one of yours apps. Sometimes apps hide downloads in background. The best way to see whats happen is to check apps data usage in device parameters.

Have a nice day Smiley It's been a pleasure to assis you today. If you have more questions, i'm here to help you. Gotcha