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Fido yorkdale mall

I'm back
I'm back

I ported my number from rogers to Fido back in april, i did it from yorkdale store and they told and confirmd me they are waving off my one time charge -activation feee and will be applied to my third bill! I have beeb going to and fro literally and they have no clue about all this! I was confirmed its been applied to my bill and noe they are like oh just pay your third bill and call us back we will apply! I dont get it! This is so unprofessional i have beeb with fido for years and just moved to rogers and got back to fido and this is the kind of professionalism they deal with? I have worked for fido myself as sales rep and this is not how it works. The credit applies to your bill automatically if its been actioned! I dont get it! Its all about NAC????? And your commission? Or is it about customer services?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Tan2207,


Welcome to our Community! 


I assure you that we aim to provide you with a positive experience and we're sad to read it wasn't the case. 


Just to clarify, did your third invoice already come out? If you activated in April, depending on your billing cycle dates, your third invoice could come out etiher in June or in July. You can check that out through your online account directly. 


If only two invoices were generated so far, the credit should be applied on your next invoice. If you already received your third bill, you can contact customer service to have it looked into or alternatively we can also send you a PM here on the community to check things out!