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why mobile/wireless plan not showing up online account?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I activated a wireless plan on May 15 around 3pm and got the email prompting me to create an online account, which I did immediately.

But after logging in to the account, I don't see anything under the plan. I can literally see nothing other than the 9-digit account number. The wireless phone doesn't show up, the plan detail doesn't show up.

I chatted with an agent online reporting the issue and I was told to wait for 1 business day, which I did. Now it's been more than 1 business day, the online account still does not show the wireless plan. I installed the mobile app on my phone and logged in there too, there is nothing there.

How long do I have to wait for the newly activated plan to show up online? Without seeing the plan under my account I cannot port a mobile number from another wireless vendor, which means I am literally paying two bills everyday.



Hello @jqian6,


Thank you for the details!


It can take some time for the plan details to reflect online, which is why you were advised to wait. Has the situation changed since your message, or are you still unable to see your plan details on the app/online? 

If nothing has changed, please reach out to us on Facebook or twitter and we'd be happy to look into it with you. 


For the number port-in, please contact us as well once you receive your Fido sim. We can send the request for you.