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Random Credit Inquiry

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have been a mobile customer with Fido over 3 years and I just noticed that I have an unauthorized inquire by Fido Solutions on February 05, 2023. I didn't enrolled for any new service, nor have I contacted Fido for any inquiries. Could you please take a look at this and get it corrected?



Hello @lucassiano,


Thank you for the details.


To clarify, Fido reports to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis under the trade line section of the credit file. This only affects customers credit score if the payments aren't made on time etc.


Should existing customers wish to add a new service, we do run an internal credit check. The tenure and history of previous or existing accounts is used to perform the evaluation, including payments, usage and collections activity. A credit bureau inquiry is not performed for internal credit evaluations. 


Did you check with the credit bureau what it was the inquiry for? 


You can also contact us through these channels and we'd be happy to look into it with you.