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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1



I want to make a complaint against a Chinese-speaking agent over the phone very seriously. 


1. I asked about the plan for my two lines because they cost the same but give different numbers of gigabytes and international calling minutes. He, instead tried to give help, insisted on 'teaching' me it is how it works. the first line always sucks. the second line got more promotions.  He could do nothing at all. His attitude was really bad.


The fact is that I signed up for those two lines separately within just few days and in the same store during the Thanksgiving promotion. And I was told to talk to Fido to get my first line more gigabytes of data when I signed up for the second line in the store but the store staff couldn't get through to the Fido representative over the phone at the scene.  


2. While it is ok not to change my plan better, his attitude is really bad. And I don't think what he said is totally correct.

When I doubted this agent's expertise, I ask for his agent ID. He REFUSED to give me his agent ID, which is totally unacceptable. I later asked how I could make a complaint to Fido, and he still refused to tell me and asked me to search online by myself. I don't understand what he could do at all.


3. Lastly, I asked him to transfer the line to his supervisor. U know what? He intentionally transferred me to a French-speaking agent (I don't speak French), and also definitely, the french-speaking agent is not his supervisor at all. 


pls help me find out this Chinese-speaking agent and start your internal investigation. 


I got the Chinese-speaking agent call back on Dec.1 2022 around 4:32 pm (Mountain standard time).




I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi, I would like to issue a formal complaint about how the Fido customer service handled my black friday deal through a third agent, Wireless Wave. 


I was supposed to receive a brand new iPhone 13 by financing it for $4/month with a plan that would be $45/month for 50GB of data per month, this phone would be given to me after two years. After setting up my Fido account and switching from Virgin, the Fido agent completely cancelled my deal and reported it as fraud. I am not sure what had happened here. but I lost the deal and my account.


After a week of trying to contact the fraud line, Wireless Wave was able to retrieve my phone number and a crappier deal. Good thing I have not been placed on a contract or I would have taken further actions. 


I would like to get in contact with a Fido manager and see if we can resolve this and find a compromise. 


Thank you.

Hello Jungyicau,


  Welcome to the community!


  I understand it's disappointing having an order get cancelled. However, I think a mistake was made at Wireless Wave. From what you note, the total cost of the device would have been $96 ($4 x 24 months). I understand it was a Black Friday deal, but I don't think anyone would be selling a device costing $1027.08 for only ninety-six dollars. That's not even 10% of the device cost! I think that's the likely reason it was flagged as fraud. As far as I am aware, Wireless Wave was offering that device in the range of $30 per month (see here).


  I understand you wish to contact a manager with Fido. However, it seems like the mistake was made by someone working at Wireless Wave. The people who work at those third-party locations do not work for Fido. If you were offered something which was not available from Fido, you would need to take the matter up with  Wireless Wave.


  If you still would like to discuss the matter with Fido, you should note that this forum is community-driven and not intended as a venue for customer services. As such, we would not have access to customers' accounts. You would need to contact customer service to discuss the matter. . In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above.


Hope this helps 😀




Hope this helps



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

He cut the live chat in the middle of the conversation after long waiting.😤  Is there an official way to complain about him? I got the chat history email.

Hey @akahelium


You can find the answer to your question on this solution:


Hope this helps!