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very bad experience being a new comer in the country

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I came to Canada 4 months back . My friend here suggested me to take fido as a new connection.

i have two numbers registered with fido. i had started an add on package of $5 (international calling) on one of the number to call my home town back for which i am suppose  to get 1500 minutes free. but my problem is i have used 325 minutes called fido costumer care 20 times as they have charged me more than $600 for over use.

i am tired of calling the costumer care and every time explaining the new person the system glitch. they all agree its a system glitch but cant do anything as they cant pull up  my bill. every time they give me a new reference number. 

now my bill is generated every 22nd. so technically i  should have received my bill as its already 6th december but i havent yet nor they can see in the system . so they did cut my service till i had paid them a certain amount to restart my phones. but again every time i call its same thing 

1) explain the new person the issue

2) they say its a system glitch

3) cant pull up my bill so cant refund my money and i waste like 50 minutes every time i call.

4) if i say to transfer to the manager my phone will be on hold for 30 minutes or more.

isthis the way fido treats its new costumers or provide services. 

i am super super disappointed and then very easily they will charge me for late payment as i still dont have my bill neithe physical nor online.



Hey @ArpitAggarwal and welcome to the Community!


We're sorry to read about your experience as that's certainly not how we want things to go.


Please reach us out on our social media platforms here so we can check this out with you and find a solution, thanks!