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temporary suspension is charging me both the full plan fee+suspension fee

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1
Yesterday I called the Fido manual service to get my account a temporary suspension for 3 months because I'm currently out of Canada. However, Fido emailed me about the details about my total monthly fee showing that I'll be charged both the full plan fee and the suspension fee. I thought the temporary suspension is only charge the suspension fee. Now my account is suspended and charged more than usual. Is there anyone can explain this for me?


Hello @SuarezQ,


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A temporary suspension is added at the end of your current billing cycle and you have to pay for it upfront unless you have pre-authorized billing. It is possible you add it just at the beginning of your billing cycle that's why you are seeing both your monthly and suspension charges.


To verify you will need to contact customer service. Fido has many different methods to contact them even from outside of the country, see here for all the different methods.