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roaming services on mexico

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi, Recently I was in Mexcio with my wife, both have services with fido, we weren't able to use the roaming services, mobile and internet, it was intermitant and basicly we can get a good services, but I have charged with an expensive fee, eventhough I can used the service I have to pay something which I can got it, this is unfairly behavior o Fido, I'll looking for another company to avoid this charges for nothing.





Hi @gustavo5297


If you have a plan with Fido Roam, the rate comes into effect as soon as a connection is made. It is best to put the phone in airplane mode if you don't want to be charged at all. You can check out these roaming tips as well. 


As for the billing, you can reach out our customer service for any questions.