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problems from switching carriers

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I am trying to add Fido as a payee in my bank so I can pay my bill. 

My bank is supposed to send a verifiction code to my phone for one of the final steps to verify it's me.

I requested a code, waited and, requested another code since i didn't receive it the first time.

I have tried through my banking app and online to send a code to my phone.

Still does not work.

I have tried turning off imessage and wifi but still nothing.

I never had a problem on my iphone 8 with Telus as a carrier.

But now i am having issues on my iphone 11 with Fido as a carrier.

I have logged out of my apple id and factory reset my iphone 8.

I have been having problems since i switched.

Now i cannot even login on my banking app on my phone.. but i am able to login on my laptop using the same password and username



Hey there @nettlesdadye


Welcome to the Community Smiley


Sorry to hear you're having trouble setting up your automatic payments. Have you had the chance to try completing the changes directly on as outlined here?


In regard to your banking app, we unfortunately do not support it, and would advise you to contact your bank for further assistance. They would also be able to confirm the short code used. As long as it's included in this list, it should work.


Hope this helps!