How to change your payment method

How to change your payment method

Here's how to change or update your payment method:


  1. Login to My Account on
  2. From the Billing & Payments tab under the Fido banner, select Change Payment Method.
  3. Under Transaction use the dropdown arrow to Pick your method of payment.


  • Please note that it takes 2 business days for the payment method change to be updated.
  • To setup pre-authorized payments choose Pre-Authorized Credit Card (select this option for Visa Debit) or Pre-Authorized Chequing.
  • To opt-out of pre-authorized payments choose Invoice and click UPDATE.


  1. If Pre-Authorized payments are selected, enter the account information for your credit card (Pre-Authorized Credit Card) or bank account (Pre-Authorized Chequing) and click UPDATE.

If opting-out of pre-authorized payments (Invoice is selected): No further action is required at this time, but keep in mind of all the different ways you can pay your invoice going forward.


If Pre-Authorized Credit Card is selected: Enter the Card Number, Expiration Date and Security Code and click UPDATE.


If Pre-Authorized Chequing is selected: Enter the Transit Code, Bank Code, and Account Number. Read the Pre-Authorized Chequing Terms & Conditions and check the I agree to the Pre-Authorized Chequing Terms & Conditionscheckbox. Click UPDATE.