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privacy concern

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I am greatly concerned about my privacy and identity, because I am sure that my phone number has been leaked through advertising companies. its been the whole day my phone ringing for different fake matters such as banking, insurance blah blah blah.... I wish there was a way you could help me stop this madness please!!


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Hello Suesuesami,


  Welcome to the community!


 Are the the calls directed a you (ie know your name, etc) or do they seem generic? While the calls could be actual telemarketers targeting you, it's also possible they're spammers/scammers who came across your number by sequentially dialling a block of numbers. If it's the latter, it's likely they don't have your information. That said, it's prudent to be vigilant because those spammers/scammers are often trying to get people to reveal their information. Since March is Fraud Prevention Month:


  If the calls were indeed made by spammers/scammers, preventing their calls can be difficult. Often, they'll used spoofed numbers to make the calls. That is, the number on the caller ID is not the actual number of the spammers/scammers. Unfortunately, there currently isn't much that any of the mobile providers can do to prevent them. Since the spammers/scammers use spoofed numbers, it is not possible to identify the true spammers' number. Even the CRTC admits there is currently little that can be done to determine the origins of nuisance calls. 


  Mobile providers and landline providers simply cannot block a number without absolute proof that the owner of the number is engaged in nefarious activities. I think you would agree that if they blocked your number simply based on its apparent use to make SPAM calls or send SPAM SMS, you would not be impressed.


  Unfortunately, until the technology to unmask the true number of spammers/scammers is readily available (not simply the number shown on the caller ID), the only solution currently is to block the numbers on your phone. That said, it is hopeful to note that the CRTC is trying to implement measures to reduce nuisance calls (see here and here).


Hope this helps Smiley





Hey @suesuesami


I can definitely understand why you are worried about your security, I would be too.


Protecting your information is a priority for us.


This sounds like a bunch of marketing calls. A way to get rid of those is to register your phone number to the National Do Not Call list.


This will allow you to list your number to  lower the number of unsolicited marketing calls that you get.


After registration, telemarketers have 14 days to update their information. You could still receive communications within that time.

You can do this directly from the website here. Hope this helps Smiley