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lack of customer service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have ordered a Fido service by phone.  Fido sent me an emailed confirmation of my order but there is a mistake.  Tried to call Fido to correct the mistake.  Fido agent commented that the mistake would be corrected with the new line to be activated but  he could not change the emailed order summary.  Asked me to hold and the line was disconnected.


This is not acceptable.  When I place the order, I was supposed to have 15 G data for $50.   The emailed order summary stipulated 8 G for $50 but the Fido agent cannot correct the mistake or send me a new order summary.     The agent became agitated when I pressed for a written confirmation of my order.


This type of service is rude and totally unreasonable.



Hello @Szeto1,


This is definitely not what Fido would want, is the 15GB data the actual plan, or is it 8GB with additional data to make 15GB? 

When you log in to your account what does it show? If the call got disconnected I'm sorry but you will have to call back and if the agent said it will be corrected and any changes that happen on the account once completed usually triggers a change confirmation email.