iphone upgrade

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iphone upgrade

I was on a fido ‘bring your own phone’ plan, which all i did was get a very simple plan and a sim card with fido. i just bought the iphone 8 online off of fido.ca and i’m just wondering if because i was never on a 2 year plan, if the purchase would go through. i just simply added the cost to my next bill and also upgraded my plan to accommodate the new phone. i’m really worried that i won’t be able to actually purchase the phone because i never got a confirmation email saying i bought the phone, only a confirmation email saying i changed my plan. 

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Re: iphone upgrade

Hey there @mackenziemathes!


Welcome to the community :),


The Email confirmations would come in 2 parts when completing an upgrade, first the email for the plan change, and the second one is issued when the device is shipped. This one will include a tracking number.


You can expect an email being sent to you in the next 72 hours. That being said we can also look into it from our end if you'd like. Simply send us a PM/DM on Facebook or Twitter to get started. You can have more info on how to reach us here


Alternatively we can also send you a PM here if you prefer. Let us know! We're here to help :).

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