Roaming Quebec to Northern Ontario

Roaming Quebec to Northern Ontario

Roaming Quebec to Northern Ontario

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Roaming Quebec to Northern Ontario

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Just making sure no fees occur for turning on roaming within Canada! From Que but have to turn on roaming for Northern Ont coverage for service at my sister's place..


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There would be no roaming charges while you are in Canada. Roaming applies only when you use your device outside of Canada, overseas. That being said, if your plan does not include Canada-wide calling, you could be charged for long distance calls.


In other words, as long as you have Canada-Wide calling on your plan, you can travel all over the country and place calls to Canadian numbers without any extra fee. Keep in mind again,  that depending on your plan, you could have unlimited calling or a bucket of airtime each month.


If you'd like us to look into it together, simply send us a PM/DM on Facebook or Twitter here. Alternatively, we can reach out to your by PM on this platform.


Hope this helps, and keep us updated :).