intermittent hotspot issues

intermittent hotspot issues

intermittent hotspot issues

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intermittent hotspot issues

I often use my Fido Data Only plan as a hotspot in my vehicle.  Sometimes while parked and sometimes while driving.  There are never more than 2 devices connected, but I often find that while my devices remain connected to the hotspot, the internet is either very slow or not working at all.   I'm in Southwestern Ontario so coverage should not be an issue.

Video is not being streamed.

For example, streaming music will work for awhile and then stop.  Navigating will no longer have traffic information or map information.  Web pages are slow to load.  Emails and instant messages will stop coming through.  Disconnecting and reconnecting sometimes solves the issue.  Other times, it resolves itself.

Anyone else have similar issues?   Are there any restrictions or limits to app usage through a hotspot?

All devices are Android 8.1 and higher.


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Did some testing this week.  Using speedtest - the results vary widely, even in a stationary location from decent to poor.  I had to switch the APN settings back as the ones from 2016 did not have good results at all.  Next thing i'm going to try is putting the Fido SIM in a different device and see if the hotspot speeds are better.

Let us know how it goes, @marcaccioc.


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so far working a lot better using a different device as the hotspot.  - i'll post if anything changes.

Thank you, keep us posted! 


Hey @marcaccioc! Philippe here. I hope you're doing well. Smiley


In order to help you with your hotspot, I'll need a bit more information:


1. Do you actually own a mobile hotspot device or are you using another medium to create the hotspot?


2. Does this happen everywhere or just in specific locations?


3. Do all the devices you use have the latest OS on them?


Let us know.

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1 - using fido samsung tab a

2 - everywhere - it is not location specific and there is excellent fido network coverage.

3 - yes 

Thanks for all the information!


1. Are you able to connect and use data properly on this device when not using it as a hotspot.


2. Is the operating system on it up-to-date?


3. Have you tried to test another device as the hotspot to see if there was any difference?


Let us know.

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1 - Yes

2 - Yes Android 10

3 - Yes - same issues with all devices.  

There is nothing special that needs to be setup with a hotspot other than turning it on? No Special APN required?  No throttling is done by Fido?

No special setup is required. The last thing I'd check is to make sure you have the proper APN setting for the LTE, found here, setup on the device you're using as the hotspot.


Also, we don't throttle it in any way, but the speed can vary depending on the connection quality of the device involved.

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the apn settings in that link are from 2016 and different from the ones in my tablet.  I've added it and I will test it and report back.  tks