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excessive spam texts

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Is this a new feature of being part of the Rogers network? I get more spam texts than legitimate texts. Also thanks for the sudden price increase, longtime loyalty is no longer respected. Also going to a store in the Richmond area is a joke.



Hey @wanman,


Sorry to hear you're receiving so much spam, this is definitely very annoying. 


Fido uses sophisticated anti-spam software in our network to protect you from spammers. The software has advanced threat detection algorithms to constantly hunt for and identify suspicious activity. 

We also have a dedicated team who monitors and detect mobile messaging threats and creates configurations to block current/new issues in real-time. 

We work hard to make sure we receive the least possible though these spammers are working pretty hard too unfortuantely. 

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido definitely does NOT have "sophisticated anti-spam software in our network to protect you from spammers."

The simplest and easiest to detect spam messages get through. Many people in the Fido community posts and on Reddit say forwarding spam texts to 7726 makes no difference. I switched over from TELUS and within the first few minutes of being activated on the Fido network I started getting spam texts. With TELUS I never got any. Same phone number. Other carriers are able to do a significantly better job at filtering out spam texts. How hard is it to filter out a message from like "Royal Bank of Canada" and in the message there is a link that looks like . Yet messages pretty much exactly like that get through on a daily basis.... I know posting this won't change anything, as there are hundreds of posts from other users saying the same thing but thought I might as well chime in as well. Ask any user from TELUS or Bell and see how many spam messages they get.