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credit arrangements

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

Hello there,

I got a huge bill of $842 last months and paying by making payment arrangements.

 After paying the arrangement on 29 April, I called credit department to make another arrangement. I talked to Glenda. she gave me interaction ID as well. She told me that there will be no late payment charges on payment arrangements.

But I got these charges again when I got monthly bill on 8 May. I immediately talked to the credit department about this. They removed these extra charges but I received an email, where it is mentioned that these adjustments will appear on your next bill.

what does it mean? if I am being told that I will not get late payment charges, also I am paying my huge bill according to payment arrangements made by the credit department, then why they mentioned this in email that these will appear on next bill.

Please help me! I am already under the financial burden and timely paying $842 in arrangements.😔😔



Hello @sukhk15,


The adjusted credit will appear on your next invoice meaning whatever the amount of the credit is will be deducted from your next bill.


Since you are speaking with the credit arrangement department I would suggest you contact them for any future inquires or clarification regarding your payment arrangement to avoid any confusion.