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contacting someone

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

I do not understand why Fido makes it so diicult to reach someone...either by phone (they say there my be a charge) or chat (nothing happens when I click on chat now) ?


I need to contact someone in regards to sending messages-texts to the correct tel. number, I have already tried to previously but they are still sending them to the wrong #. I have 2 telephones with 2 different #'s on my plan.


I received a text on the wrong phone re fraud issue. I need to clarify what this is all about.


I really am getting extremely frustrated with Fido for their awful customer service. I have been with Fido for several years.  ( It has to be 10 years or possibly more)


I don't think I will return with them at the end of my contract.


Several customers are complaining about your unsatisfactory customer support so it seems that you would do something to resolve this issue if you wish to retain their loyalty.



Hey @trepalku123 !

I'm sorry to hear that you're disappointed with your recent experience with us, as this is not the type of service we aim to provide.


We truly appreciate your loyalty and would love to help.

When it comes to customer service, there are multiple ways to reach out to us :
- Dial 611 from your Fido phone

- Live Chat

- Assistance via private message on Facebook or Twitter

You wouldn't be charged for contacting us, as only a few transactions done through customer service generate an Account Handling fee. You can see the list here!

We would of course let you know beforehand and provide you with ways of proceeding yourself, free of charge. Smiley

Alternatively, we can also send you a PM through the Community, if that works best for you!