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change phone number on Data only line 15$ plan

I'm helpful level 3
I'm helpful level 3

hi Friend


 remember data only plan user it they change online phone number Fido will chare full ammount on old number and new number that means


  • if you change 1 time phone number during your billing cycle fido will charge you 2 times of service i.te 15 $ + 15$ + tax (one for old # bill  + one for new number bill)  
  • if you change 2 time your phone number  - fido will charge you  3 times 15+15+15+tax. (two for old # bill  + one for new number bill)  


sound funny but it is true. changing phone number you will pay full ammount .


that means even you activate data only line last day of billing cycle you have to pay full 15$ monthly charge.


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey Bhupi!


Sounds like you might have a flexible rate data-only plan. 


This situation happens with our flexible rate data-only plans because the billing for those plans is different than for other plans. They are billed on a basis that is dependent on the amount of data that was used. This means that those plans are not subject to proration the way that other plans, that are billed based on how long the plan is active on your line, are. 


Because of this, if you were to change your phone number mid-cycle, you would be charged based on how much data was used during the month on each phone number. 


Our newer data-only plans are aligned, in terms of how they are billed, with our regular mobile phone plans. They come with a set amount of data and if you go over, overage charges apply and because of this, newer data-only plans, such as our current $15 monthly plan for 2 GB, would be prorated in the event of a phone number change. 


If you'd like to prevent this in the future, you can change your plan to our $15/2GB data-only plan through My Account on 


I hope this clarifies things! 

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Hi there

I changed my phone number today via fida .ca

Since I am currently in 15$3GB data only plan and have 50%off promotion in my account I am worried about my next bill.

Will I lose this 50%off promotion and get charge 15$+15$ (one for old number one for new number )as someone stated in this community?



Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hi @petra1!


I moved your post here as the solution on the thread has the answer to your question about the charges.


As for the 50% promo, it should not be affected by the change of number and you'll continue benefiting from it.


Let us know if you have other questions Smiley