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billing cycle

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I have 13 days left in my cycle

that means that my cycle ends on the 8th of December.

when I am charged on the 8th, for' this month' what does that mean?


This is very confusing...

am I being charged in advance or only fro the previous month?


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Xlx,


  Welcome to the community!


  For any given billing cycle, you are charged the upcoming monthly fees as well as any overages you might have incurred during your previous month. So you are charged in advance for your monthly plan plus any usage above your allotments previous month. If your cycle ends December 8th, your bill would include charges for December 9 to January 8 (upcoming month) plus any overages during November 9 to December 8 (previous month).


Hope this helps 😀




I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

So then why am I required to pay on Dec 1st, instead of by Dec 8?  Why is my account considered  Past Due if i don't pay by Dec 1st even though I still have 8 days remaining on my bill cycle? 

Hello Ray_A,


  I think you might be confusing payment due dates with billing cycles. Your billing cycle is determined when you activated your services and does not change, even if you change your services. The billing cycle is around 30 days (number of days in month). However, your payment due date has never been the same as your billing cycle. Previously, the payment due date was 27 days after bill date. So the payment due date has always been before the end of your current billing cycle. That said, Fido has changed the payment due date to 21 days after the bill date (see here).


  Unfortunately, I do not know your billing cycle dates. Is it possible what you're noticing is the change in payment due date?


  You should note this forum is community-driven and not intended as a venue for customer services. We would not have access to any account information. If you would like assistance with the matter, you would need to contact customer service. In addition, they can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above.


Hope this helps 😀