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bad customer experience with Fido Internet

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi Fido,

I am very disappointed about the customer experience that I have received since I joined Koodo on November 22, 2022.
Your representatives repeatedly made the same mistakes one after another.
Originally, on November 22, 2022 I agreed to subscribe to Fido Internet services as per the confirmation # xxxxxx1871 (please see attachment included).
However, both invoices I received on 
  • December 5 2022 and
  • January 5 2023 
did not reflect the terms in confirmation # xxxxxx1871.
Instead of charging me the agreed amount of $48.03 the invoice charged me $52.54 (which was a mistake)
As such I called Fido, on Jan 11, 2023, after multiple transfers, the last CSR told me that there is a mistake on both invoices for not providing full 50% discounts for the two components (data charge and modem charge).
The last CSR provided a $20 refund to me for the mistakes. I thought this was resolved.
At the end of the call I confirmed with the CSR what the future invoice will be and I was told it should be 50% of $85 plus tax which should be ($85/2*1.13 = $48.03) as per original confirmation # xxxxxx1871.
Please listen to Fido's call centre recording between 3pm and 3:30pm on Jan 11 for the details.
However, shortly after the call on Jan 11, 2023, 4:36 PM, I received a revised agreement (confirmation # yyyyyy8933) which is asking me to pay $46.50 plus tax = $52.545
Not only, $52.545 is NOT what i have agreed to pay and this is exactly what the mistake was in the first place (did not provide the 50% discount for the modem component)
I am so disappointed with these mistakes that happened back to back.
In addition to this, I have noticed that there is a $0.01 charge for the late payment.
I have no concern with the amount of 1 cent.
But I  am not happy about the late payment and the notification to credit bureau regarding my late payment WHICH WILL DAMAGE MY CREDIT RATING 
I signed up for the pre-authorized payment on November 22 and the CSR did NOT mention to me that the pre-authorized payment will not kick in until the second invoice.
Only after I discovered the above issues and contacted Fido then one of the CSR told me that the pre-authorized payment process will not kick in until the second invoice.
At the end of the call I asked to speak to a supervisor regarding this, the CSR initiated a cool transfer but after several minutes the call was dropped.
As such I didn't even get a chance to speak to a supervisor regarding the DAMAGE OF MY CREDIT caused by late payment issue.
Furthermore, the Service Agreement Confirmation is a ONE way notification and there is no room for customer to provide feedback (especially when FIDO made mistakes). And  I cannot find an email address to share with anyone at Fido. This is absolutely a bad customer nightmare.
A very concerned customer


Hi there @victorychan and welcome to the Community!


We're really sorry to read about your experience and understand that receiving an unexpected amount on your bills is never pleasant.


Just a heads up, the Community is not a platform to get assistance but a place where other users may share their insight to help others with their situations. To get assistance with yours and in order for us to access all the details of your account, you can reach us out in private on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We'll be happy to take another look with you if you still have any unresolved situations, thank you!