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You guys are FRAUDS!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

You guys are a bunch of frauds. I opened my account over a year ago on BYOD. Upgraded both my lines in January with no issues. Didnt like my phone so I was told if I bought my contract $1032 I can upgrade in the future. So like an **bleep** I listened and bought my contract out. Called to upgrade yesterday and they said im not allowed. I asked how that makes sense when my other line is on a contract already and this line I upgraded in January and just got a bunch of people who barely even knew how to speak English. I had someone from Management call me twice and each time Couldn't hear a word he said. You guys are a PAthetic joke. You say anything you can to customers to get their money. I simply asked if I'm going to be denied my request to upgrade then put me back on my old contract that YOU LIED TO ME ABOUT TO GET ME TO BUY IT OUT AND PAY THE $1000 fee to get me on your new plans. You are FRAUDS!


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Jpersaud21


Welcome to the community. 


I can understand that it is never a pleasant situation to end up with a phone that we're not fully satisfied with. We offer a 15 days satisfaction guarantee period from the time of purchase to help in situation like those. I assure you that we only want to be transparent and upfront with our customers about the options available to them. 


As for getting a new phone, as of February this year we offer two main options to upgrade your phone.


- You can change to a new in-market plan or keep your current plan and upgrade to a new phone paying the full cost. 

- Or you can switch to one of our newer plans and benefit from the Fido Payment Program which provides you the option to split the cost of your new phone over the next 24 months. You can check out more details on this program right from here