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Worst delivery service and customer service

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1


I have been a Fido client since 2018. I recently had an extremely frustrating experience with my last purchased device trying to change the delivery address. Initially, when I contacted customer service to update the address before the item shipped, the agent informed me that I had to wait until I received a tracking number. This advice was the beginning of a downhill spiral. As according to the only competent agent of Fido/Rogers the order should have been canceled and reordered again. 

As soon as I received the tracking number, I attempted to change the address again. Unfortunately, I was met with further complications. I spent nearly 3 hours dealing with Fido/Rogers agents who were either unhelpful or incompetent. Finally, after much frustration, a capable agent managed to process my request. However, due to the delay and initial misinformation, the package was already out for delivery and almost went to the wrong address.


Over the next few days, I received calls from three different Purolator agents on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to confirm the address, yet these efforts seemed futile. By Monday, the package still had the incorrect address, resulting in another delay. Now, it's supposedly being delivered tomorrow, but I'm skeptical about whether it will actually arrive or be rescheduled again.


To sum up, this has been the worst service experience I've ever had. The miscommunication and excessive protocols involved in changing something as simple as a delivery address were ridiculous. Having to always go through a Rogers/Fido agent to modify it, with no confirmation of the update, and being unable to see the full address on Purolator, is unacceptable. Customers should be able to update their delivery address directly and have a clear confirmation that it has been done correctly. This entire ordeal has been a nightmare, for sure I'm just NEVER getting any device through Fido again. 



Hi @Gabrielarodulfo


I'm sorry to hear you had to go through such an experience. It's true that we can send a request to the courrier to have the package shipped to a different address only after a tracking number has been issued. I hope you have your phone tomorrow.