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Win back scam??

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I was contacted by the Fido Winback team on Feb 08/2021. They offered me a plan which I agreed to, gave the lady my personal details including my credit card numbers. To date I have not received the phone or anything from fido. I've contacted fido 15 times just this month and everytime the customer service agents say they'll escalate and someone will be calling me back but till now I haven't heard back from anyone. I am really disappointed in Fido's win back strategy. This is unacceptable and false advertising. Keep in mind they reached out to me and not the other way round. Why take all my personal details and credit card numbers and not deliver on the product or service? I'd really appreciate a call back or email any communication from fido will be appreciated. 



Hi @Clemy


Welcome to Community! 


I am sorry to hear you have yet to receive a call from our Winback team. They have been busier than usual lately and we have had reports of delays in follow-ups 


I will go and send you a PM to see how I can help. 


Thank you.