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Was supposed to get $50 bill waiver in my third month but didn't

I'm a Contributor Level 1
I'm a Contributor Level 1

I took the newcomer plan and my first time with Fido, was told that tere is this scheme where I would get a $50 off my bill in the third month but now I have been charged. I vaguely recollect also getting emails that I was referred. Now am not sure why I was promised the waiver but still charged for it. How should I go about claiming what I was offered to begin with?


Hi there @KunalJ , the customer credit for a referral or something else usually shows on the 3rd billing but can be sooner or later. I would suggest that if you were told you would receive it after 3 months with Fido, that you would look for it on the 4 invoice. Just my interpretation and your best bet would be to contact Fido customer support by calling *611 from your device or contact fidosolutions on Twitter or Facebook. They would be best equipped to answer all questions. Cheers