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Want to exchange recent phone upgrade. What's possible?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I recently upgraded my phone after my 2 year plan expired and signed up for another 2 year plan with an upgraded phone. I am not happy with the New phone and would like to exchange it for something else, is this possible to choose a different phone , or am I stuck with the upgraded phone that I will not use.  The New phone has not been used at all and I have not even attempted to set it up. Thanks in Advance.


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Donnas,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you are not happy with your new phone. Fido does offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are eligible for the guarantee, I believe you should be able to return or exchange the device. You should note that returning or exchanging the device might affect any credits received for financing the device. Those same credits might not be available with a different device.


  Unfortunately, if your purchase lies outside of their specified satifaction guarantee dates, I don't think you will be able to return or exchange the device. While you would be still required to continue with the financing of the device, you might consider selling the device as an option.


  You should note this forum is community-driven and not intended as a venue for customer services. We would not have access to customer accounts. If you wanted to verify your options, you would need to contact customer service. They can also be contacted via Live Chat, Facebook, or Twitter. Those methods can be accessed via the contact page posted above.


Hope this helps 😀