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Voucher refill failed on my prepaid account

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I bought the the voucher and redeemed it online, but the airtime balance is still 0 after the refill. There is no refill history as well. I tried to input the voucher pin again but it became invaild. What's going on here?

By the way, i also have the refund from cancelling monthly plan, is it possible to transfer that into airtime balance?



Hey @Thoma4 !


Welcome to the Community. Very_Happy


When it comes to your voucher, we'd need to access your account in order to verify what's going on.

You can contact us here for assistance.


As for the balance on your postpaid account, although it can't be applied as airtime towards the prepaid account, you'll receive a refund cheque sent to the current name and address of the account. Smiley