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Victim of fraud!!

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

After reading all the comments under Victim of fraud, I would like to post my story here in September 2021. I received a New Fido account confirmation email from fido that I opened a second line under my account with a iPhone 11 pro device. THAT WAS NOT ME, SOMEONE STOLE MY INFORMATION TO OPEN THIS ACCOUNT UNDER MY NAME! 


After noticing this situation, I immediately called fido's customer service to cancel this account and locked my account. However, that agent told me the fraud department will contact me within 24 hours because there is nothing they can do. Also, after chatting to customer service, I knew that the scammers just easily log in to my account and order this device. The funny thing was, I even received the Purolator shipment email 8 hours after. So since this is a fraud situation, why is fido still prepared to ship this device out to scammers? They need to cancel this shipment in the beginning. I waited 24 hours and receive no response. And I am not going to wait longer. After reading Fido users' comments from this page, I think usually the "fraud department" takes a week to call. 


I am worried about my credit score, so I am going to file a formal complaint with CCTS first and submit this situation to CBC GO PUBLIC and Global News channel because since I have seen a lot of people have experienced the same fraud so other Canadians should know. If Fido has a better security system, this wouldn't happen, but after all, Fido still didn't do anything about their security systems. 


If anyone sees my message, please send me a dm. I need to solve this issue asap.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @707347,


I am really sorry to read that you were a victim of fraudulent activity on your account. Rest assured that we take these situations very seriously!


Please know that our Fraud department is investigating the situation and reverse all charges incurred due the situation.


I am sending you a PM to look closer at your account.