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Victim of fraud by someone posing as Fido rep over the phone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

2 weeks ago, someone claiming to be a Rogers / Fido affiliate contacted me regarding a promo for new iPhones. 

they signed me up for an iPhone15 plus along with a data plan bundle. They told me to call them on that number to skip the wait time and have them activate my sim card and plan once I receive it. They also said they would make sure my current phone number gets ported over to that new sim. 

3 days later, I received an iPhone 15 pro max along with the sim card, which was a higher end phone than what I ordered. 

I called the number they provided me to inform them of the mistake, and after supposedly checking with a manager, the person claimed they had made a mistake and sent me the wrong phone. 

They said they would send me a follow up email with return instructions which included sending the phone through priority shipping to a Fido return address and reply to the email with the proof of receipt so they can refund the payment on my next bill. He also said they would send me the correct phone through priority shipping as well as discount my phone plan by $10/month for 12 months due to their mistake. 

The follow up email required me to send my phone to an address in Toronto to the care of someone called "Laya". 

I sent the phone and replied with the copy of the receipt. 

I waited for 3 days before they called me again and said my new phone was waiting, pending a "courier fee" and that they needed my credit card to pay it, and promised that too would be refunded on my next bill. 


i started having doubts, but stupidly agreed (desperately wanting my new phone already), only to find my card was now being used to pay for something at Immigration Canada. 

I immediately called my bank to block my card and after visiting a Fido store, it has been made clear I was the victim of a scam. 

Someone had ordered an iPhone 15 pro max on my behalf and convinced me to send it to them.


Is there any number I can contact to report this case of fraud? 
I do believe the person had some sort of affiliate privilege as they were able to order the phone on my behalf without having access to my account.


My password was never asked nor reset during the entire process. 

I am absolutely gutted and now on the hook to pay instalments on a phone I don't even have. 




I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hello there,

the same had happened to me. I reported to fido fraud department what had happened but the lady i spoke to only changed back the plan i was originally on (because the scammer changed my plan as well). So now I'm stuck with the device on my account. I called fido again (many times) to sort that out but the rep only made a case for me. And still waiting but nothing's getting done.


I was wondering if fido was able to sort the device out on your end? If so can you also advise me how to deal with it.

Thank you

Hey @djub 


We'll be happy to take a look at the case for an update.


Feel free to contact us via our channels here


We'll be happy to help you! :grinning_face:



Hey @threadsurfer! We're really sorry to read about what happened. You may also want to file a complaint to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre. We hope this helps. 

Hi @threadsurfer , I am so sorry to hear that happened to you. You can call *611 from your device and request to be connected with the fraud department,  you can also report the fraud to the police on the non emergency line and get a file number to show it was reported. I hope you can get this resolved as soon as possible. All the best