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Victim of Fraud!!!!!!

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1


I have been the victim of fraud. Just realized few days ago as suddenly I couldn't log into my fido app, and the plan just automatically changed from $50 to $90?? Instructed to call for the Fraud Department with 4 digits of ext number provided to get to an agent but just received the option to leave voicemail there for every time. It was the same whether I called in the morning or afternoon. Seriously I feel like the agents are trying to avoid their duty of talking to customers. Since it is soon to be the first day of next month, which is the payment day, please help me to solve this as soon as possible. Too tired to figure out the account is fraud and also can't reach help to get through it. How long will I need to wait for?



Hey @MaxD01,


Welcome to our Community!


I'm really sad to learn you were a victim of fraud and I assure you that's not the case. Our customers' security and privacy are main goals to us and I assure you it will be taken care of! Sometimes there can be a delay for a call back, but someone will most definitely get back to you soon to sort this out.


I'm sending you a PM to take a closer look at your account, talk soon.