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Us roaming carrier?

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Who currently provides roaming service to fido users traveling to the US?


Att, T-Mobile, sprint etc.?


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I'm Experienced Level 1


the rogers/fido network is best buddies with at&t,

this means if one is shopping for an mobile (unlocked and outside of Canada), one should mention that they use at&t network,


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Former Moderator

Couldn't have said it better Cawtau. Smiley Thanks! 


Welcome to the community as well Odifuser! If this answered your question, let us know. Smiley Also, be sure to accept as a solution Cawtau's reply if it did. 


The community is also here if you have any other questions. That's what it's there for. Very_Happy 

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Hello Odifuser,


  Welcome to the community!


  Generally, Fido/Rogers customers will roam on either AT&T or T-Mobile networks as they operate UMTS (WCDMA) & LTE networks and cover most of the US (T-Mobile also has a limited GSM network). **edit** However, to which network your phone connects depends in part on the band/frequency capabilities of your phone.**


  Both Sprint and Verizon operate (or at least did) using CDMA technologies which are not compatible with GSM phones.


Hope this helps Smiley