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ZTE Flip - Transferred SIM from Old Phone - Shows Emergency Calls Only

I'm a Participant Level 1
I'm a Participant Level 1

Hi everyone,


 So, a common problem. Last flip whitescreened, so I picked up an ZTE from a big box store. After placing the SIM card into the new phone, shows "Emergency Calls Only". I've double-checked the account balancevia the website, and there's over $65 available.


 Here's what I've done:


- Restart

- Remove battery, wait 2-3 minutes, replace battery, restart

- Remove battery & SIM, wipe battery & SIM with dry electronics cleaning cloth, then reinsert & restart


Anything else? Pulling out hairs here... thanks.




I'm Experienced Level 1
I'm Experienced Level 1


my guess is that your sim is possibly toast, goto fido store get an new sim , it should be free. good luck.

 Hey @QuirkyJoe


Welcome to the Community!


Can you confirm whether the SIM card was activated or not? 


Also, are you connected to the Fido network?


Let us know!