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Urgent help with roaming in U.S.

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I'm in the States now but roaming doesn't pick up any local network. Called tech for ten times and no answer. Tried every possible solution mentioned here and nothing worked. Fido confirmed I have data. This is extremely frustrating as I need to make calls for both work and doctor appointment. This is extremely frustrating as no one is there to help and I cannot make any contact at all. 


Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Jen33,


  Welcome to the community!


  Sorry to hear you're having issues with roaming. What phone do you have? Also, you should note some plans (ie Basic Plans) do not allow for roaming.


  It would be important to note that the US has shut-down their '3G' networks (see here). If your phone is not LTE-capable, that could account as to why you are unable to connect to a network. As well, since the US has shut-down those networks, they no longer offer roaming services for pre-paid plans.


  As previously mentioned, if you have a supported device and plan, Wifi-calling may be an option. That said, you shoud be aware of its roaming usage. There seems to be some misunderstanding regarding Wifi-calling . I'm not sure how people have gotten the impression that Wifi-calling does not use the networks. However, that is not true. While the calls and messages do not transmit via cellular towers, they still use the networks via the internet gateway (see image here). The cellular towers and Wifi are merely alternate means of accessing the networks. Calls and messages would not be able to complete or get sent/received without the networks. As such, using Wifi-calling is technically using Fido services. However, they have allowed certain usage to be free from additional charges. All the messages and calls you receive (from anywhere in the world) will be taken from your plan's voice minutes and messaging limits. As well, all Wifi-calling messages and calls you make to a Canadian phone number while abroad won't incur long-distance or roaming charges (see link above).


Hope this helps 😀






Hello @Jen33,


Welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear you are having problems roaming while traveling, it could be your device is not compatible with the roaming partners network in the US. 


You can try resetting your network connections and restarting your device and see if that helps you can also try connecting to WiFi and see if you can get WiFi calling working so you can make your calls.