Upgrading question...

Upgrading question...

Upgrading question...

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Upgrading question...

So I am having a dilemma and I don't know what to do.

I have a plan that gives me 5GB + unlimited text (of some sort I think it's international) + Unlimited Canada Wide Talk

The problem is I have to give it up if I want the iphone se at the 49$ price range. The new plan would have Spotify included which is currently an add on. It's my same plan but with a $49

#1 is it true you have to pay the current month and a month in advance when you upgrade plus a hardware fee?
#2 Does Spotify Premium stay active for the days the plan I see smaller?
#3 Is there any way to pay just the month in advance?

I need to upgrade my phone and change my plan due to the price for the phone being different.
I won't be upgrading until next week at the earliest.

Anyone know the answers?



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Hi @acadiaisgone96!


Thanks for reaching out! Glad you're considering doing an upgrade with us! 


Depending on the date of your hardware upgrade, you might have some prorata added to your bill. This is because we'll have to change your plan in the middle of your billing cycle. In order to avoid this, I suggest you make your upgrade on your billing cycle's reset date. 

I'm not sure to understand your question about the Spotify subscription, can you clarify?

Let me know if you have any other question for us. 





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Will Spotify Premium be in effect still when I change plans? Both plans have spotify

Hey acadiaisgone96, 


If you subscribed to the Spotify Premium offer with a Pulse plan that was activated between April 7th,2015 and July 6th, 2016; switching to a different pulse plan will not impact the current Spotify Premium promotion. 


I hope this information was helpful. Smiley 

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Spotify was added on (I got my plan in March 2015). Will it affect it if I switch plans to a pulse plan?

Also could I upgrade my phone still at the $49 price the next billing cycle after I change plans? I am very curious about it.

@acadiaisgone96 Just to clarify, is Spotify Premium already included in your plan?


As for the price of the phone, we can't guarantee that the price will be the same on your next billing cycle, so I'd suggest that you get it as soon as you can. Smiley

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Not included currently, I pay an extra $9 for it.

@acadiaisgone96 Thanks for clarifying!


The current subscription wouldn't be transferable to the 6 month free offer.


Let me know if you have any other questions.:)

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So basically I'd lose Spotify Premium after six months if I upgraded my plan?


Hey acadiaisgone96, 


As of February 1st we made certain changes to who can get the Spotify Premium Fido Pulse plan offer. We want our customers to discover Spotify Premium and experience unlimited music. 


So when you sign up through fidohub.ca we’re going to do a check with Spotify. We’ll check if their Spotify account ever had a Premium membership before. If a specific Spotify account already had a Premium membership, it won’t qualify for our 6-month discovery offer with that Spotify account.


In your case, the account associated to the subscription you've paid 9$/month for is not eligible for the free Premium offer.


I hope this helps clarify thing s a little. Smiley 


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It would continue to be paid for as an addon right? Just clarifying. I'd just continue to pay for the spotify that I have through my Fido bill?

You got it right!